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Hicuity Health / Year in Review eBooks and Microsite

2020 eBook

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In celebration of our 2020 accomplishments and clinical success working in tandem with more than 100 partner hospitals nationwide, the @HicuityHealth team is proud to share our latest eBook, which focuses on exemplary healthcare leadership. 

2019 eBook

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In celebration of @Adv_ICU_Care’s 2019 achievements & high-acuity #telemedicine success with nearly 100 partner hospitals nationwide, we are delighted to share our interactive year-end summary: advancedicucare/docs/advanced-icu-care-2019-end-of-year-review-ebook?fr=sMTdhNzcxMDUzOA #teleICU #telemetry

#CCC49: Before you visit us in booth #1132 check out @Adv_ICU_Care’s 2019 achievements in high-acuity #telemedicine & care collaboration success w/ nearly 100 partner #hospitals nationwide. Click to view our interactive year-end summary advancedicucare/docs/advanced-icu-care-2019-end-of-year-review-ebook?fr=sMTdhNzcxMDUzOA #SCCMSoMe #teleICU

2018 Microsite


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.@Adv_ICU_Care reflects on our 13th year of high-acuity #telemedicine operations combining world-class providers with world-class technology leading to world-class clinical improvements & #hospital economics. Learn more:


SVM and Hicuity Health have enjoyed a great working relationship for over three years.  Annually, in celebration of the coverage, announcements, case studies, customer success spotlights, and other great results achieved that year, SVM creates an end-of-year wrap-up piece (microsite or eBook) that is circulated to Hicuity Health customers, employees, prospects, and more.  The annual asset is further promoted on social, via a custom email signature, and on the company website.