Project Description

MedAcuity / keynote support


Jarman Joerres, co-founder of SVM client MedAcuity, recently presented the keynote at New England Healthcare Executive Network’s panel, “MedTech Cybersecurity: Elusive, But Possible.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event could not be presented in-person, but SVM was able to provide full support to MedAcuity for the virtual event. As Jarman was preparing his presentation, SVM assisted with content review and feedback. Once finalized, SVM drafted a media advisory providing background as well as the registration link; this was added to MedAcuity’s website. Leading up to the panel, SVM promoted the virtual event multiple times via the company’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, linking to both the media advisory on MedAcuity’s website, as well as the event registration page. The studio created a custom graphic to accompany all posts. After the event took place, the recording was made available, so SVM created a revised custom graphic and promoted the recording across social media. As the event took place in October, SVM used Cybersecurity Awareness Month as another way to amplify the event/recording, using the official hashtag to help gain views. The SVM team has used the content of the keynote to develop an article outline, which is now with the client for reviews, and once approved, will be completed and pitched to a trade outlet for publication.