Project Description

PatientPing / social media

SVM develops custom graphics and drafts social posts for our client PatientPing to promote and engage across social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are only 25 days until the #CMSInterop & Patient Access Rule E-Notifications CoP deadline! Our Route solution alleviates hospitals’ compliance IT & data-sharing burdens, and guarantees full CoP compliance. Learn more:

Our 4-part eBook series features guidance to help hospital executives/CIOs understand the Route to compliance under the #CMSInterop & Patient Access Rule e-Notifications Condition of Participation provision. #CMSCoP

Phase 3: The 3rd eBook in our #CMS E-Notifications CoP series reviews the #CMSInterop & Patient Access Rule and discusses what it means to hospitals of all sizes. Download it at:

In recognition of #PatientExperienceWeek, visit our #carecoordination webpage to find out how real-time care coordination improves the #patientexperience & learn about the impactful work #healthcare providers deliver to patients every day with PatientPing.

The #CMS E-Notifications CoP Compliance Breakdown: Learn more about what large #hospitals and #healthsystems need to know about the CoP and how they’re overcoming key challenges to meet compliance. #CMSInterop

Our #CMS E-Notifications CoP Q&A’s help clarify misconceptions, avoid deficiencies that could jeopardize CMS certification status & provide advice for implementing a solution that addresses the unique pain points that mid-sized hospitals face. #CMSInterop

The #CMS E-Notifications CoP brings an array of challenges for hospitals. To learn more about the rule’s impact on small-sized hospitals and what they need to know to meet compliance, visit, #CMSInterop

#CareCoordinationSpotlight: After receiving a notification about one of its unengaged patients seen at an ED, a #primarycare practice was able to quickly follow up & reengage them in their care program. For more #carecoordination stories like this, visit: